La Porte, Indiana is surrounded by lakes, parks, and history. La Porte’s logo is focused on its access to year-round outdoor activities and lakeside living. The shimmering light blue lake in the logo attracts us because people are attracted by both the tranquility and adventure of being by the water. In addition to being a nod to the Three Sisters, three bald cypress trees on Clear Lake, the trees also represent the abundance of parks and trails in the city of La Porte. 1832 represents the first La Porte settlement, its historic downtown, and the initial business development of LaPorte setting the stage to be a major manufacturing center. The color blue is dominant to represent the ten lakes surrounding La Porte. There is also a splash of orange for our home team, the Slicers. La Porte is in La Porte County. Neighboring towns use ‘La Porte’ or ‘La Porte County’ in their marketing. It is important to include the City of La Porte, Indiana, or La Porte, Indiana in all marketing including messaging, logos, and photo watermarks so as to support robust brand differentiation of our city in this region.

City of La Porte (Vertical + Preferred)

Stacked is the primary version of the logo. When printed, the full mark must be a minimum of 1.25ʺ horizontally. When used digitally, it must be a minimum of 150 px horizontally.

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City of La Porte (Horizontal)

The alternate version of the logo should only be used in circumstances when a more horizontal version is needed. Department tags should not be used with this version. 

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City of La Porte (Seal Icon)

The La Porte, Indiana Seal icon is to be used in instances where the whole logo is not needed. Or where a small round logo is needed (e.g. Social Media Profile Icons, Print Collateral). Note: The only instance where the center of the icon is shown without wording may be found on wayfinding street signs where small text might be difficult to read from a distance.

Three color is the preferred color treatment for the City of La Porte logo.
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Livin' the Lake Life® (Tagline)

Livin' the Lake Life® tagline was developed to be optional to accompany the logo once fully launched to the community.  Livin' the Lake Life® not only represents visitors to La Porte, Indiana but also the active residents that live, work, and play here. The tagline is not to be altered for various departmental or service area messaging such as: 'business and livin’ the lake life', 'parks & living the lake life'.


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City of La Porte logo with Livin' the Lake Life® (Tagline)


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When producing promotional items, send the La Porte, Indiana Brand Guidelines to your vendor.
For a copy of the La Porte, Indiana Branding Guidelines just ask brand@cityoflaportein.gov.